Dedicated session on polymer gears

Since polymer gears are a growing trend in the industry, a special session will be dedicated entirely to this topic.

The dedicated session on polymer gears was very well received during PolyTrib 2018, so PolyTrib 2020 will continue to connect state of the art research activities with the demands and specific needs from the industrial and other sectors.

The field of polymer gears research includes gear design, modelling and testing, tools and manufacturing, materials aspects, various measurements and verifications of the produced gears performance in terms of friction, wear, noise, durability etc. 

polimerni zobniki_dedicated session

Specialists and users from various fields, in particular from the industrial sector, are invited to present their work and share their experience, problems and knowledge. Discussions and presentations related to polymer gear testing, design, manufacturing (tooling, injection moulding, etc.), materials, application, standards and tribology are therefore very welcome.