Some final changes have been made to the programme. The Final conference programme can be downloaded here.



DAY 1 (15th of September 2016)

8:30–13:30   REGISTRATION


Session chair: M. Kalin

09:40–09:50        OPENING SPEECH

09:50–10:40        K. Friedrich; Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany – keynote lecture

Multifunctionality of polymer composites in tribology

10:40–11:00        Å. Kassman Rudolphi1, E. Edling2, S. Zhao3, Å. Öberg3; 1Uppsala University, 2Outokumpu Stainless AB, 3ABB Corporate Research, Sweden

A test method for mapping the contact force limit of polymer materials in sliding contact

11:00–11:20        A. Hausberger1, T. Stiller1, G. Pinter2, C. Schmied3; 1Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, 2Montanuniversitaet Leoben, 3Tribotecc GmbH, Austria

Tribological properties of polyphtalamide (PPA) compounds containing at least one type of metal sulfide

11:20–11:40        E. Ferramola; Varvel SpA, Italy

Cohesive and interfacial wear of reinforced polymers          

11:40–12:00        A. P. Harsha1, R. Wäsche2; 1Banaras Hindu University, India, 2Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Germany

Tribological studies on polyetherimide composites sliding against steel under reciprocating conditions

12:00–13:30        CONFERENCE LUNCH


Session chair: P. De Baets 

13:30–14:10        A. Pogačnik, U. Kissling; KISSsoft AG, Switzerland – invited lecture

Non-circular gears

14:10–14:30        M. Khador1, P. Langlois2; 1University of Warwick, 2Smart Manufacturing Technology Ltd., United Kingdom

Implementation of the VDI 2736-2:2014 standard and comparison with experimental data for polymer gears

14:30–14:50        A. Bormuth, J. Zuleeg, J. Groß, M. Meijer, C. Schmitz, R. Spallek; Klüber Lubrication München SE & Co. KG, Germany

Impact of grease rheology on the performance of polymer gears

14:50–15:10        M. Kalin, A. Kupec, G. Potrč Pajk; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Temperature dependent tribological behaviour of polymer (POM) gears

15:10–15:50        COFFEE BREAK


Session chair: K. Friedrich

15:50–16:30        N. Emami; Luleå University of Technology, Sweden – invited lecture

UHMWPE composites for bearing applications; manufacturing and tribological characterisation

16:30–16:50        S. Carley1, T. Liskiewicz1, H. Zhao2, A. Neville1; 1University of Leeds, 2LGC, United Kingdom

Diamond like carbon coatings for improved tribological performance of polymers

16:50–17:10        N. Kampf, I. Rosenhek-Goldian, J. Klein; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Revealing the lubrication mechanism between hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces across aqueous solutions

17:10–17:30        L. F. Tóth1,2, J. Sukumaran1, G. Szebényi2, R. Nagarajan3, W. J. Thanggiah3, P. De Baets1; 1Ghent University, Belgium, 2Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, 3Kalasalingam University, India

Friction and wear properties of jute/polyester composite systems at high load

20:00–23:00           CONFERENCE DINNER


DAY 2 (16th of September 2016)


Session chair: N. Emami

08:30–08:50        B. Jakab1, N. Gamsjäger2, H. Steiner2; 1AC2T Research GmbH, 2Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH, Austria

Wear resistant coatings with anti-stick properties

08:50–09:10        A. Oseli, M. Bek, I. Emri; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Experimental and analytical methodology for determination of stress-strain limits of linear theory of viscoelasticity

09:10–09:30        S. Klien, F. Ausserer, A. Diem; V-Research GmbH, Austria

Tribophysical interactions in an air pressure and polymer friction based deceleration and damping system

09:30–09:50        J. Lind, Å. Kassman Rudolphi; Uppsala University, Sweden

Cross sections studies of polymer composites

09:50–10:10        B. Pinedo1, M. Conte2, J. Aguirrebeitia3, A. Igartua1; 1Ik4- Tekniker, Spain, 2Anton Paar TriTec SA, Switzerland, 3University of Basque Country, Spain

Tribological modelling of elastomeric seals

10:10–10:30        S. Drobnič, M. Tomšič; Hennlich d.o.o., Slovenia

Friction and wear

10:30–11:00        COFFEE BREAK


Session chair: A. Pogačnik

08:30–09:10        J. Navodnik; Navodnik d.o.o., Slovenia – invited lecture

Plastic and composite gears

09:10–09:30        G. Hlebanja1, S. Kulovec2, J. Hlebanja3, J. Duhovnik3; 1Faculty of Technologies and Systems, 2Podkrižnik d.o.o., 3University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Experimental determination of S-gear characteristics made of plastics

09:30–09:50        M. Kodeeswaran1,2, A. Verma2, R. Suresh1, S. Senthilvelan2; 1Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, 2Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India

Hysteresis heating of polymer gear

09:50–10:10        E. Ferramola; Varvel Spa, Italy

Reinforced PA46 designed for planetary gearbox application

10:10–10:30        J. Tavčar, G. Grkman, J. Škofic, J. Jerina; Iskra Mehanizmi, Slovenia

Testing of polyamide (PA) plastic gears with added PTFE         

10:30–11:00        COFFEE BREAK


Session chair: Å. Kassman Rudolphi

11:00–11:40        P. Pauchard, J. Vail; DuPont – invited lecture

Meeting automotive tribological needs with polymeric solutions

11:40–12:00        C. Descamp, M. Hrebičík; Dow Corning Corporation

CoF and wear reduction in plastics for tribological applications in PA and POM

12:00–12:20        W. Molnar1, A. Nevosad1, K. Adam2, E. Badisch1; 1AC2T Research GmbH, 2voestalpine Stahl, Austria

Innovative wear-related tribotesting for rubber conveyor belts

12:20–12:40        B. Wetzel, B. C. Jim; Institute for Composite Materials, Germany

Hybrid nanocomposites for bearing applications

12:40–14:00        CONFERENCE LUNCH


Session chair: B. Wetzel

14:00–14:20        S. Toumi, M. Salvia, S. Fouvry; École Centrale de Lyon, France

Wear and friction behaviour of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymers

14:20–14:40        Z. M. Shukur1,3, K. D. Dearn1, G. Raza2, L. Sadiq Al-Ansari3; 1University of Birmingham, 2University of Leeds, United Kingdom, 3University of Kufa, Iraq

The tribological behaviours of PEEK and PEEK based PMCS under marginal lubrication

14:40–15:00        E. Feyzullahoğlu; University of Kocaeli, Turkey

Tribologic and viscoelastic properties of CR, NBR and FKM rubbers exposed to varied circumstances

15:00–15:10        CLOSING SPEECH

POSTER SESSION* (Day I: 17.30–18.30; Day II: 13.30–14.00)

I. H. Ronkainen et al. – Abrasive wear resistance of polymers

II. J. Li et al. – AFM studies on the liquid superlubricity between silica surfaces achieved with surfactant micelles

III. W. Lin et al. – Normal and shear forces between surfaces bearing stabilized liposomes

IV. B. Trobentar et al. – The influence of gear flank shape on the service life of polymer gears

V. B. Žugelj et al. – Real contact area investigation of polymers

VI. A. Kupec et al. – Humidity and temperature dependent changes in dimensional stability and mass of POM and PA66 gears

VII. M. Zalaznik et al. – Effect of the type, size and concentration of solid lubricants on the tribological properties of the polymer PEEK


* Poster authors should be present by the posters during the official poster session hours. The posters will be displayed from 11:00 on the 15th of September 2016.