International Workshop on Polymer Tribology

Part of the Polyrib 2020 conference will be also be the International workshop titled "The effect of carbon reinforcement in Polymer Tribology". The workshop is organized by the following academia:

Tribology research group at Luleå University of Technology (LTU), is the national leading Tribology research group in Sweden and among largest research group in Europe with extended number of senior staff and PhD students (total of more than 30 employed staff, many of them recruited internationally). The tribology research group at LTU by tradition has large number of international collaborators, industrial partners and ongoing research projects (mostly within Europe). The group publish annually numbers of peer-reviewed publications together with international collaborators.

Kyushu University (KU) is one of the leading universities in Japan especially in the engineering area and has provided the highest levels of education and research since its establishment as the fourth Imperial University of Japan in 1911. Tribology research in KU also proud of its long history. It has educated many researchers and engineers in the tribology field and has been contributing the development of Japanese industries. It has been included a number of national and international research projects and currently it is contributing the World Premier Institute Initiative Program driven by Japanese Government. In this program, KU has established new research institute, International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (called I2CNER) and the tribology group has also had new research facilities and related research staff in this institute.

Laboratory for Tribology and Interface Nanotechnology at University of Ljubljana, is recognized domestically and worldwide for providing research and technological solutions in the fields of surface and interface nanotechnology, boundary lubrication and tribochemistry, for the development of functional surfaces and contact engineering and for management of friction and wear mechanisms in systems with conventional and nonconventional materials at nano and macro scale. The group has leaded and participated in a number of domestic and international research and industrial projects.


Workshop chair:

  • Prof. Nazanin Emami (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)